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21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 10 | Sharon Schaffer

Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Sharon Schaffer 


Tantalizing Trivia 

  • She is the first Black woman to become a professional surfer and some of her work was featured in the opening of the Smithsonian African-American History Museum. 
  • She was a pioneer as a stunt double in Hollywood. As an actress she toured the country playing Harriet Tubman. 
  • She is an activist who has used her platform to organize other surfers into paddle-out protests to bring awareness to social justice issues. 


Mirror Work:

It’s time for you to claim what’s yours. Stand tall in the mirror and call-out, “I got it!” Look yourself in the eyes. Are you convinced? Now say it with more authority, whatever wave is washing up next, whatever emotions are washing into your body, trust yourself. Look back into the mirror, into your eyes, and say louder, “I got it!”  Repeat three times or as many times as you need until you believe it’s true. 

Affirmation: I am prepared for whatever comes my way. I got it! 

Wade in the Water:  A Playlist 

Alchemy Assignment: 

  • Watch – Wade in the Water: A Journey into Black Surfing and Aquatic Culture. 
  • Read: Black Surfers Reclaim Their Place on the Wave 


Self-Care Shopping List:

Do you dream of learning to swim? GirlTrek will support the first 10 women who email with the subject title “Swim Lessons” with two months of swim classes in your area to help you get started. 

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