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21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 11 | Naomi Sims

Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Naomi Sims


Tantalizing Trivia:

  • Naomi Sims is the first Black supermodel in history – certainly, the first Black cover girl to land the featured cover photo in major magazines like Life and Cosmo in the 1960s and 1970s
  • With a dark complexion, a thin body, and standing 5’ 10 she says she was not considered beautiful to others as a teenager. She thought otherwise.
  • She created a master plan to break into the racist modeling industry. When no agency would sign her, she represented herself and booked an advertising job and then – with that success – helped launch a brand new agency, Wilhelmina. It became the most prestigious agency in America.
  • At the height of the Black Power Movement, Naomi Sims became the very face of the “Black is Beautiful” ethos.
  • Sims went from modeling to mogul when she earned a cool 5 million in the 80s through a cosmetic and wig line developed expressly for Black women.


Mirror Work:

Without changing, notice your posture. What is it saying? Now turn on the playlist and dance to the pro-Black anthems. Notice your posture now.



[Say it loud.] 

I’m Black and I’m proud.


Stand Tall: A Playlist


Self-Care Shopping List:

  • Book a deep tissue massage to release any knots or tension.
  • Invest in a standing desk so that you don’t have to hunch at work. 
  • Treat yourself to a new pair of heels so you can stunt on 'em like Naomi.

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