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21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 13 | Emma Dupree

Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Emma Dupree 


Tantalizing Trivia: 

  • She was an herbalist and traditional healer who grew up on the Tar River in North Carolina. Her pioneering work serves as the basis for much of today’s herbal medicine movement. 
  • She was known for her “garden grown pharmacy” and grew everything from  sassafras, white mint, double tansy, rabbit tobacco, maypop, mullein, catnip, horseradish, silkweed and other plants from which she made tonics, teas, salves and dried preparations. 
  • She believed her gifts and understanding of herbs to be a gift directly from God and used the bible to guide her decision making. 
  • She lived to be 99 years old and received the North Carolina lifetime achievement award, heritage award and the North Carolina Folklore Society for her significant contributions to her community. 


Mirror Work:

Imagine that your ancestors stored the secrets of their survival in your DNA. Imagine the secrets pulsating through your body. Now quietly ask them, what do you have to tell me? Say to them, “It’s ok to share now. I am listening. I am paying attention. I hear you.” What was said? Spend five minutes journaling 


The intelligent wisdom that guarantees that the sun rises everyday, also lives in me. Each day I rise into its warm embrace and with that rising I am healed. 

Pull at the Roots:  A Playlist 

Alchemy Assignment: 

In her own words. Watch Emma Dupree share the wisdom of her work with us in an archival interview that is sure to inspire. 

Didn’t catch the live recording of today’s episode? We don’t want you to miss out on getting the full experience. Check out the opening and closing songs below.

Opening ⁠Song⁠

Closing ⁠Song

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