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Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Oshun 


Tantalizing Trivia  

  • Oshun is a goddess deity, or orisha, of the Yoruba religion of West Africa. There are equivalent goddess figures in multiple cultures including as Oxum in Brazil and Ochun in Cuba.
  • Tradition holds that Oshun comes from Osogbo, Nigeria. That city is considered sacred, and it is believed to be fiercely protected by the water goddess. The Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, a forest that contains several shrines and artwork in honor of Oshun; it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.
  • Every year Oshun devotees and other people of the Yoruba religious tradition go to the Oshun River to pay homage at the Oshun festival. 
  • One of the youngest Orisha’s and one of the most adored in the Yoruba religion. She is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She exudes sensuality and all the qualities associated with fresh, flowing river water. 
  • She is a teacher of both magic and mysticism. She is the granter of wishes and all of your heart’s desires. 

Mirror Work:

  • Drop into a Goddess squat and allow your hips, chest and heart to open to your divine power.. Instructions: 
  • From a standing position with the feet 3 feet apart, bend the elbows at shoulder height and turn the palms facing each other. Turn the feet out 45 degrees facing the corners of the room, and as you exhale bend the knees over the toes squatting down.
  • Press the hips forward, press the knees back. Drop the shoulders down and back and press the chest toward the front of the room. Keep the arms active, as if they were holding a big ball over your head. Look straight ahead with the chin parallel to the floor.
  • Breathe and hold 3-6 breaths
  • While breathing repeat the affirmations below. 


  • I am at the center of creation, the river of life flows through me. 
  • I give birth to new ideas each day, I nurture them with care. 
  • I am divine. 

Activate the Divine:  A Playlist 

Alchemy Assignment:

Before bed pamper yourself with this 30-minute divine feminine flow to reconnect to the goddess energy inside of you. 


Self-Care Shopping List: 

Create an ancestor altar. Everything that you need is detailed here in this simple article. 

“The divine feminine is a spiritual concept that there exists a feminine counterpart to the patriarchal and masculine worship structures that have long dominated organized religions. The divine feminine extends well beyond one belief system, and instead can be used as a spiritual lens to balance our perspective.” – Emily Torres 

Didn’t catch the live recording of today’s episode? We don’t want you to miss out on getting the full experience. Check out the opening and closing songs below.

Opening ⁠Song⁠

Closing ⁠Song

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