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Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Dr. Sebi 


Tantalizing Trivia

  • He grew up in Honduras and got his foundation in herbalism from his grandmother. 
  • He was arrested several times for practicing medicine without a license, but attracted a zealot following of believers who followed his lifestyle and diet advice. 
  • Nipsey Hustle called him an underdog hero and champion of the truth. 
  • He worked with Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, and Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few. 
  • He pioneered a lot of the current popular health trends, including plant-based, fasting, knowing the PH balance of foods, and the healing benefits of sea moss. 


Mirror Work: Gently massage your skin. Imagine that it is reflecting back to you everything that is inside. Notice where it is supple. Notice where it might be dehydrated. Notice your melanin. Give thanks that your body has the ability to process toxins and foods properly. 


Affirmation: I tend to my body because it is a temple. I feed it food that is nourishing. 


Release the Toxins: A Playlist 


Self-Care Shopping List

The next time you go grocery shopping. 2-3 Fruits or vegetables that you have never tried or rarely consume.  


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