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21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 3 | Donna Summer

Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Donna Summer 


Tantalizing Trivia


  • Born to a working class family in Boston – her father was a butcher and her mother was a schoolteacher – her voice soared when she started singing solos in the AME church at 11 years old. 
  • She dropped out of high school to move to New York City to join a blues rock band.  
  • She landed a career-altering role in the musical Hair which debuted in Germany, where she lived and learned to speak fluent German. 
  • She married an Austrian man and they had a daughter name Mimi. 
  • She became known as the “Queen of Disco” with 32 chart singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 and forever changed the face of music and her upbeat music ushered in a new dance called disco. 


Mirror Work

Look at yourself today and play “Love to Love You Baby” or “Hot Stuff” Make deep eye-contact with your finest self. Dance the entire song and try and break a sweat. 



With every step, I sway and play. 


Dance Daily: A Playlist


Self-Care Shopping List

Roller Skates: vintage roller skates are a great way to dance and exercise – and let’s face it, everyone likes a little wind in her hair. 


If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution.” -Emma Goldman

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