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21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 5 | Alice Coachman

Show Notes

Pleasure Muse: Alice Coachman 


Tantalizing Trivia

  • Alice Coachman was the first Black woman from any country to win an Olympic gold medal. 
  • She was born in segregated Georgia and as a child picked cotton and sold peaches, pecans and plums to help support her family
  • She rejected  the patriarchy and segregationists, both telling her Black girls should not be athletes; Shout out to two women who encouraged her to become a runner – her fifth-grade teacher Cora Bailey, and her aunt, Carrie Spry.
  • She ran barefoot on dirt roads to practice; Her stumbling block became her stepping stone and this kind of “no excuses” training made her the best athlete in Georgia in high school.
  • She was recruited by Tuskegee and won national championships for track and field and in 1948, dazzled the world in the Olympic Games! King George VI of England put some respect on her name and the gold medal around her neck.


Mirror Work:

Flex in the mirror. Yell “Game Time!” Start clapping.  And run out of the bathroom like you believe in yourself. LOL



I can do whatever I set my mind to. 


Play Hard: Playlist 


Self Care Shopping List:

Splurge on a good pair of sneakers for yourself. The brighter color the better.


Activity for Alchemy:

Challenge a family member or neighbor to an old-school footrace. Ready? Set. Dust them fools. 

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