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Black Neighborhoods | Day 0 | Me, Quincy Jones & Jimi Hendrix

Show Notes

Our neighborhood stories are too important to be lost to creditors and big banks who take away our grandmother’s houses. Our neighborhood stories are too valuable to be left buried under the foundations of condo buildings that our families can’t afford to live in.

Our neighborhood stories are our treasure troves.

That’s why we want EVERYONE to joinus for our newest season of Black History Bootcamp, where not only will we tell the real stories of our neighborhoods – but we will raise up an army of foot soldiers to support them.

This is our mission – and if you’re down to join us – then we want you to play tag like we did in the neighborhoods that we grew up in and tag in five friends to join you for Bootcamp.

This one’s for the homies, for the hoods that birthed us, for the soldiers still on the block holding our communities down.

May we rise with each step we take.

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