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Black Neighborhoods | Day 16 | Where is the bravest black church in America?

Show Notes

Day 16

The Address: 110 Calhoun Street, Charleston, South Carolina

The Story: Mother Emanuel AME Church is one of the oldest Black churches in the United States, and for 200 years, it functioned as the center for organizing for civil rights.

Its name says it all.


“God with us.”

And God has been constant.

Because there’s never been a church that has withstood the reign of terrorism so bravely.

Today, we will explore The Why.

Why was this church targeted?

Why was it necessary?

What kind of spiritual courage was being borne there?

Well, that courage has a name: Denmark Vesey

Today, we learn his story.

The true story of Mother Emanuel’s bravest son.

Don’t miss this ah-ha of history.

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