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Black Neighborhoods | Day 3 | Have You Heard of AfricaTown?

Show Notes

Day 3: Africatown

The Address: 1959 Bay Bridge Rd, Mobile, Alabama

The Story: This story has it all. Dahomey warriors, a landmark legal case, the last known survivor of the Atlantic slave trade, a brief appearance by Zora Neale Hurston, a re-discovered shipwreck, and a resilient community that, despite struggling with environmental racism for most of its existence, continues to persevere.

Located three miles south of downtown Mobile on the banks of the Mobile River lies historic Africatown, a community formed by a group of 32 West Africans who arrived in the U.S in 1860. Today, their descendants continue the fight to keep their legacy and culture alive.

Africatown is more than a story about the past, on today’s walk we will learn about the modern-day Africatown movement and the neighborhoods around the country that are using the Africatown model to build vibrant communities for the future.

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