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Black Neighborhoods | Day 7 | The Corner of Normandie & Florence

Show Notes

Day 7

The Address: The Corner of Normandie and Florence

The Story:Some call it a riot, recalling when plumes of smoke filled the sky and an anarchist disorder took over the streets.

Many others call it an uprising, pointing to the deep sense of injustice that had been left to boil over onto the streets of South Central, LA.

What’s for sure is that the rebellion that jumped off on the corner of Normandie and Florence, didn’t start with the beating of Rodney King. It didn’t start with the killing of young Latasha Harlins a few weeks later. It didn’t start with the assault of Reginald Denny in response to the acquittal of the corrupt LA police officers.

What started there was the results of decades of divestment, neglect, broken infrastructure, and racist policing tactics.

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