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Crews | Day 15 | The Royal Families of Gospel – The Clark Sisters & The Winans

Show Notes

You know what I’m talking about. 
You’re at a birthday party. 
You’re almost finished singing. 
And on the very last line, for effect, your sister breaks into soprano and your mama hits that tenor – for something undeniable…
Family Harmony
“Haaaappy birthday to youuuu!”
Poof. In a 3-part harmony, you are transported to childhood on a vocal carpet ride. It is the ohm in your bloodline – a vibration and evolutionary fine tuning. 
There is nothing…
And I mean nothing, more beautiful to the human ear as families singing together. 
“It was the most mysterious thing I'd ever heard… I'd think about them even at my school desk…Mavis Staples looked to be about the same age as me in her picture on the cover.”
Bob Dylan knew it. He used it. Black family spirit. He went on to be called the greatest songwriter in history. If only they gave royalties for magic. 
Which brings us to today’s show.  
The Royal Families of Gospel…
We’ll focus on The Clark Sisters and The Winans, but we will celebrate so many others with fun name games, Twitter trivia, and praise dance choreography for the streets.

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