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Crews | Day 2 | Black Panther Party

Show Notes

The most powerful Black men in America. Then and now.

Did you know that Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington, Duke Ellington, Medgar Evers, Paul Robeson, Nelson Mandela, Louis Farrakhan, and both Martin Luther King, Jr.’s father and grandfather were all Prince Hall FreeMasons?

And these are just the names that are on record.

Academics  believe that everything we know today about Black American history has been influenced by the Black Freemasons  movement. Many people call them the unseen hand of Black America. The backbone to our progress.

There wouldn’t be a civil rights movement without Freemasonry.  They have behind nearly every pivotal move we’ve made as a people and yet most of us know nothing about them. Until today!

This promises to be one of those blow your mind episodes where we connect so many dots in history that your head will spin. Then you’ll be calling everyone you know to let them know what you’ve learned.

Now grab your sneakers and hit the road cause we’ve got a story to tell.

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