Crews | Day 20 | The Freaknik Crew

Show Notes

It began in 1983 as a small picnic in a public park near the Atlanta University Center. It grew to become a cultural phenomenon, and the signature defining event for a generation of college students who were embracing freedom and challenging the status quo. 
Freaknik. The notorious street party. The ultimate spring break. A meeting ground for Black people around the nation looking to turn up and turnout. 
More than a festival, Freakink was a mass demonstration of Black culture and joy. An annual event that made the church ladies clutch their pearls. It had as many detractors as it had supporters, with the mayor of Atlanta calling the issue of Freaknik the most divisive issue he’d faced in public life. 
So, how did a crew of young Black college students organize the most epic event in the country, and why was this event so polarizing? Find out on today’s walk as we take a stroll through the freak storm that was Freaknik while discussing race, class, youth, image, and the lasting legacy of this ultimate street party. 

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