Foremothers | Day 13 | Lucille Clifton

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Show Notes

Lucille Clifton was the GOAT. The fact that we are not all walking around quoting her like we do Jay-Z or Drake is beyond understanding. She could have stepped into a booth with either of them, holding a cup of chamomile tea, and whispered two bars (because she liked to get to the point), drop the mic and walk out. It would have been over. Her words are so stunning. So precise. So full of celebration for Black people. You could quote only Lucille Clifton poems for the rest of your Instagram life and you would never run out of profound things to say. And this masterful body of work came from a woman who wrote for 30 years before being published. A woman who had six children and buried two, but still kept on living and producing beautiful art.  There is so much to learn from this legendary writer. Don't miss the conversations.

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Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music or speech excerpt played during this broadcast. Original content can be found here:

“Won't You Celebrate With Me” | Lucille Clifton:

Lucille Clifton & Sonia Sanchez: Mirrors & Windows:

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