Foremothers | Day 18 | Dovey Johnson Roundtree

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Show Notes

No Black women were in the military? She changed that. No Black women were in law school at Howard? Bam. Now there are. Black women everywhere were forced to give up their seats on buses? Before the Freedom Rides or RFK could call a press conference, it was her landmark case that waged the first blow against “separate but equal”. She was the first Black woman admitted to the all-white DC Bar Association. …one of the first women to be ordained as a minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. And as she did all of this justice work, and ran her DC law firm on “greens and leftover pound cake” as payment, she moonlighted at the post office to pay the bills. We gone celebrate her today.

If Black excellence had a name, it would be Dovey Johnson Roundtree.

Just two days ago, June 22, 2020, Netflix made a historic investment of $40 million to Spelman College. Spelman named this unprecedented scholarship after one woman: Dovey Johnson Roundtree. “The Fixer” of The People. A one-woman crusade. Today we salute this unsung hero.

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