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Foremothers | Day 2 | Ella Baker

Show Notes

It’s Day Two.

You made it! Thank God. 10,000 new women joined our bootcamp overnight. Thank you for spreading the word. It’s working!

Listen ya’ll: We need this resistance training now! Last night, the military was deployed on peaceful protestors. So today, we are bringing out the GOAT…

ELLA JO BAKER, the greatest organizer in Black History. There would be no March on Washington, no Freedom Rides, no Selma without Ella Baker. Today’s playlist is dedicated to her. It includes a “stop playing with us” speech she gave in 1974 and 10 songs to hit the streets and remember where you came from.


DAY 2: We are the #DaughtersOf ELLA BAKER

Join today’s walk and talk for a real conversation about what self-care looks like in the unrelenting fight for justice. Grab your earbuds, grab your mask, and be sure to practice all safety protocols on today’s walk.

Walk and Talk
LIVE! 9am PT | 10am MT | 11am CT | 12pm ET
Daily, June 1st-21st 2020

Dial: +1-888-788-0099 CODE: 734464325
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Missed the call? Listen to Day 1: The Audre Lorde conversation here.
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We have so many questions for ya’ll. Sound off on Twitter using #daughtersof:
Ella Baker said, “We who believe in freedom cannot rest.” But how can we sustain the fight for justice when we’re exhausted?

She lived to be 83 years old. What are the secrets to a long life of service? Let’s share self-care secrets and survival tips.

What is the state of grassroots organizing now? What organizations should we be supporting?
Good vibes for today’s walk:
MUSIC: Daughters of Ella Baker, A Spotify Playlist

SPEECH: Making the Struggle Every Day (2 mins.) by Ella Baker

ACTION: Today is Black Out Tuesday organized by Brianna Agyemang and Jamila Thomas, two sisters in the music industry who are following in the organizing footsteps of Ella Baker. To support an end to police brutality, black out your profile pictures in solidarity #BlackOutTuesday

FOLLOW: We love the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights


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@deblavette: I absolutely loved the #Daughtersof Audre Lorde playlist during this morning’s walk. I walked longer than I had originally planned because the music was so good. Thank you! #GirlTrek

@cdixon1128 I am worthy of my time! I am worthy of my care! I am worthy of fighting for myself right now! #daughtersof #GirlTrek

@amyshareewrites: i haven’t worn sneakers (outside) in what feels like months. today. i pushed myself tho. i was feeling mentally, phys, and emot drained. but i pushed myself in honor of thee ancestor audre lorde. #day1 #daughtersof #girltrek

@super_von: Today was Day 1. I walked & listened to the playlist. I came back & sat on the patio & journaled about the questions posed. Felt good.

@melmindscape: Day 1 of the @GirlTrek Black History Bootcamp was great. My walk led me to the neighborhood lake for meditation. #GirlTrek #DaughtersOf

@mssdarling: Day 1 of #GirlTrek Bootcamp #daughtersof brought sights and scenes protest and looting.

@nadia870: For me, radical self-care includes making time to watch birds, self-compassion & communicating my boundaries. Today I saw eastern bluebirds, mockingbirds, crows, & cute birds like the one pictured below. Can anyone help me ID this tiny bird? #BlackBirdersWeek #PostABird #GirlTrek

@nfcnycnola First day of Black History Bootcamp was what my soul needed! Day #1 focused on Audre Lorde who reminded me that my silence will not protect me! #girltrek #daughtersof

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