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Foremothers | Day 4 | Georgia Gilmore

Show Notes

Do the DAY 4 Body Roll!!!

She was rowdy, fun, and made the best pork chops in town. Oh – and she single-handedly funded the Montgomery Bus Boycotts! Let’s get into it. Today’s walk is dedicated to the great Georgia Gilmore, a midwife, and mother of six. After hearing of Rosa Parks’ arrest, she started cooking, feeding our people, and raising record amounts of money for the movement. With her new business, she hired Black drivers to carpool people to work during historic boycotts of the racist bus system. We can’t WAIT to celebrate this giant in self-determination on today’s walk.

Day 4: We are the #DaughtersOf Georgia Gilmore

Georgia Gilmore’s story is exciting. It’s packed with lessons and deeply inspiring. Take a walk with Morgan, Vanessa, and THOUSANDS of sisters who will talk about the power of ordinary women to make extraordinary change.
Walk and Talk

Here are a few questions that we can’t wait to talk about with you. We’d love to hear your answers on social media. Use #blackhistorybootcamp.

What is your superpower? How can you elevate your everyday work to support Black liberation?

Georgia said, “We had to let the white man know that we can get along without him.” Let’s talk about self-determination. What should we stop asking for and start doing ourselves?

We want to continue her culinary legacy and eat food that heals. Who has healthiest soul food recipes?

Good vibes for today’s walk:

  • MUSIC: Daughters of Georgia Gilmore, A Spotify Playlist (to walk and fry chicken to!)
  • ACTION: Share a black-owned business we should all support using #BlackHistoryBootcamp
  • FOLLOW: Vegan foodie @iamtabithabrown and trusted source for black-owned businesses @shoppeblack
  • READ: Two articles celebrating Georgia Gilmore in the NYT and NPR

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