Prayer Edition | Day 18 | Bob Marley

Show Notes

Many of us know the story of Bob Marley.

He was born in St. Ann, Jamaica to a Syrian Jewish man and an African woman. He struggled to find his place in the world. Through that struggle, he found a voice that would help liberate millions around the world. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Max Romeo, and scores of other musicians would serve as spiritual vessels for a powerful message of liberation and love for African people across the diaspora. We also know that Bob Marley was shot by his own people (classic hero’s journey – see Jesus, Malcolm X, Nipsey Hussle) but he miraculously did not die. He went on to perform the most powerful, politically unifying, spiritually-pure concert the planet has ever seen. We lost our hero too young. His cause of transition was the sun – you don’t get more poetic.

But what did he believe?

That’s what we will explore today.

On today’s call, we will crank up classic anthems and dive into the Rastafari Movement of the 1930s. This was Christian synchronicity in a cloak of African reverence with a powerful agenda for social reform. Don’t miss this conversation and pavement party. Rastafari positions the Bible as liberation theology, and I’m here for it.

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