Prayer Edition | Day 20 | Bishop Tutu

Show Notes

We watched him forgive, for all of us.

Today, Bishop Tutu is 89 years old and is still changing the moral climate of the world.

In 1996, this spiritual titan – who is a survivor of Apartheid – proceeded over the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings. Together, we listened to gruesome stories of torture and unthinkable confessions of death squads. The entire concept was radical – truth for freedom. Let go of retribution to restore justice. Bring mass healing for all.It was a master class.

Bishop Tutu received a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes. But more than his achievements, I am struck by his laugher. It’s brilliant. And after a lifetime of resistance to the repression and violence of Apartheid, his laughter proves that there is a God. Some of the most beautiful moments in the last decade are between Bishop Tutu and the Dalai Lama. The two men charged with smiling eyes, praying hands, and foot-stomping laughter, show us the bounty of spiritual enlightenment.

We are humbled to honor this living legend. His daughter, Rev. Naomi Tutu will join us today live.

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