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Prayer Edition | Day 6 | Tina Turner

Show Notes

What if you stopped performing? What would that look like? What would it feel like? …to live your creed, to walk your walk, to sing your song – not for others, not for their applause or approval. Not to avoid pain or earn love – but because you were following your bliss. What if you stopped performing and started living? On deep purpose? With integrity. Joy. Who would stop loving you? What exactly would change?

The greatest privilege of this lifetime is being exactly who you are.

So inhale… say “I am here.” Exhale….”Joy is here.”

Spiritual Warrior of the Day:

Tina Turner’s life defines the hero’s journey and we will talk all about it on today’s call. But the most heart-wrenching scene in What’s Love Got to Do with It had nothing to do with Ike. No. The single, most heart-wrenching scene happened just after Tina Turner chose to die. She took a lethal dose of pills. Then it happened. Something too familiar. Even in her darkest moment, she rallied herself to perform. It was at that moment. When she was tracing a heavy eyeliner and lost control – that we saw ourselves. Even as we are dying inside, we are showing up, putting on face. We are standing at the ready to serve, give, earn, rally, stoke, protect, soothe, nurture, build, and love. For so many of us, our attachment to needing to feel loved is the source of our suffering. For Tina Turner, it nearly took her life.

And then it happened. “Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō …Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō ….Namu Myōhō Renge Kyōooo.” She decided to rally for herself. For her life! This is the Lotus Sutra. Perfect because like the lotus flower, born out of the darkest scum of a pond, we have the power to transform our own lives into pure brilliance – every single moment. What a privilege. It is the greatest journey – and it starts with a single step toward what satisfies your soul.

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