Prayer Edition | Day 8 | Maya Angelou Ft. Oprah Winfrey

Show Notes

“When I try to describe myself to God I say, ‘Lord, remember me? Black? Female? Six-foot tall? The writer?’ And I almost always get God’s attention.”

God gave Maya Angelou more than attention. God gave her a voice – a voice to break the silence, to sing calypso, to demand justice, to define excellence, to announce our peoples’ rising up — as a phenom. Her voice blanketed an entire generation of Black girls with love. …and her boundlessness whispered into every girl’s imagination. And for that, we thank God.

Spiritual Warrior of the Day:

Dr. Angelou’s story is brilliantly blazed in the psyche of every Black woman. Trust-you-me, we know about Stamps, Arkansas. We know about her mother and her Momma. We know the intimate truths of her darkest days. And we watched her phoenix rise. Her love affairs and protests created a rhythm for all of us to strut. And her lilts of “sister” gave us a daily doctrine for spiritual warriorship. Maya Angelou is everyone’s foremother and she commands us all to embody 1 Corinthians 16:14. “Do everything in love.”

Today, we honor The People’s Poet.

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