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We need a ram in the bush. We need you.

For 21-days we will tell the stories of women who, out of the necessity of living in a world where Black women matter least, found ways to conjure up joy, shape lives full of purpose, and resist the forces of oppression.

These are the Black women leaders that the world needs to know about. These are the stories that will give hope and light the way in these dark times. These are the stories that need to be sowed into the memory banks of our baby girls and taught in classrooms in every school in America. These are the stories that will remind us that we were built for a time such as this. And this is the moment. The moment where we can, through the prayers of a million Black women, transform our communities. If only…

If only we could reach the masses. And Sisters, when I tell you we have tried.

The entire GirlTrek team has laid it all on the line in order to reach our goal of inspiring 200,000 people to commit to joining us on a walk each day for the next 21 days. As of today, family, the numbers say we have failed. The numbers say we’re nearly 60,000 women away from our goal. The numbers say this situation is dead. BUT OUR FAITH!

Baby, our faith tells us that there can be a ram in the bush. Our faith tells us God always supplies when he calls, and he called us to lead Black women on a journey towards healing. Our faith tells us that when it appears that the calling is above our ability, when it seems that the vision just wasn’t clear, to go ahead and lift our eyes and look for the ram.

Well! We’re looking to you!

Today, we’re calling every foot soldier in the army of the Lord and asking you to report to duty because you’re our ram and we need you. Today’s walk is for our sisters, the ones who are still waiting on the sidelines. The ones who you know need this the most. We’re about to set a plan for mass healing today and we’re going to pray a prayer of possibility together as we walk.

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