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Welcome to Bootcamp 3.0. The remix. The Prayer Edition. The “we will win.” The “way out of no way.” The blessed oil. The Amen and the Ashe. The Black girls’ guide to spiritual jujitsu. The stress protest and all-out street revival to heal our bodies and take back our territory. My soul says yes!


My mama, your mama, her mama, their mamas. Somebody prayed for you. Somebody rebuked the enemy that came to kill, steal and destroy. Somebody established a shield, laid a fence. Somebody hummed hope into your nights of despair. Somebody danced through the fire and did not get burned. I know because you are here. We are here, Saying thank you to the men and women who sacrificed so that we can be free.

So mount up. It’s time for the saints to fight for Black lives.

This month, we pray to get our spirits right. Then, we vote for justice. Then we heal – a million of us – and unleash the energy, the genius, muscle, and miracle of absolute transformation across not only Black families and communities, but across the entire planet. We will shift the atmosphere.

There is power here.

Right now.

Breathe in. Are you ready?

Breathe out. Let’s do this.

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