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Resistance | Day 11 | Marcus Garvey Says Back To Africa

Show Notes

“Go back to Africa”

They meant it as an insult. He meant it as a rallying cry.

Today’s walk and history lesson is dedicated to the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Some might call him the original African giant. Black, proud, and preaching the gospel of self-determination, Marcus Garvey hailed from St. Ann’s Bay Jamaica. The youngest of 11 children, Garvey was a political activist and entrepreneur, who spent his life helping to define the Black Nationalist and Pan African Movements. His vision – big and scary to those invested in the oppression of marginalized people throughout the world – was to unite African, and people of African descent, across the diaspora and allow us to develop our own cultural, political, and economic systems free from foreign domination and outside influence.

Now you know a vision this radical had to be met with opposition. Can we say FBI?

These are the stories they don’t want us to tell. They don’t want us to realize that there is already a blueprint for this work. That blueprint includes a vision laid out by Marcus Garvey at a gathering in Harlem in 1921 that included thousands of delegates from more than 22 countries. On today’s call, we’re going to talk about what went down that at this international convention and how Marcus Garvey’s work and legacy live on today.

Today marks 133 years since the birth of Marcus Garvey. Throw on some red, black, and green on top of that superhero blue and get ready to walk and talk with us as we celebrate and discuss his legacy. You KNOW this is going to be a good one.

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