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Resistance | Day 15 | Queen Nanny Goes To War

Show Notes

Today’s walk is dedicated to a political organizer, military strategist, and master of guerrilla warfare, the one and only Queen Nanny of Jamaica. A woman who guided her people through an intense period of fighting against the British.

From Queen Nanny, we learn the art of resistance. Get ready to take notes.

Queen Nanny was the military vision keeper and spiritual and cultural leader of the Windward Maroons. A community of resistors, who had escaped the brutality of enslavement on the British owned sugarcane plantations in Jamaica. Thought to be descendant from the Ashanti Tribe in Ghana, Queen Nanny was a fierce leader who helped the Maroons fight two guerrilla wars. These wars forced the British to recognize Jamaica’s autonomy, establishing their freedom.

Queen Nanny baffled and infuriated her enemies. They couldn’t understand that the source of courage and fire came directly from her African ancestry, which she strategically kept alive through stories, music and customs within Nannytown, a village she established high in the Blue Mountains as a refuge for her people.

There’s so much to learn from Queen Nanny’s story. It doesn’t matter if your battle is happening in the valleys or the hills. If it’s personal or professional. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been served a defeat. There is still a path to victory. Just let the ancient wisdom of Queen Nanny guide you to where you need to be.

It’s about to be a revolution in these streets on today’s walk.

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