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Resistance | Day 16 | The Black Patriot – Crispus Attucks

Show Notes

…one little sentence tells us all we need to know about this man. In a letter, his sister said this…”If they had not killed Cris, Cris would have killed them.”

Don’t you ever get it twisted. Crispus Attucks started The American Revolution. And today’s conversation is about his murder.

This convo could not be more relevant. The Boston massacre was a hot-sticky mess of 10,000 soldiers patrolling the colonies with impunity. When the British tried to tax the people to pay for those soldiers, all-hell broke loose. An over-armed police force against civilians. People like Paul Revere, Sam Adams, John Hancock, and every powdered wig we now celebrate as patriots were against the British armed forces. They called themselves ‘The Sons of Liberty” …and yet, the first man to die in the name of said liberty was a Black man named Cris Attucks. He was not a casualty. He was the leader of the rebellion. This, my friends, was the start of your America. (In my Rasta voice, “Bullet, buullet!”)

Here’s how it all happened. One day at the barbershop…I kid you not, this is how the Boston Massacre starts… Let’s get into it.

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