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Resistance | Day 21 | Total Victory with GirlTrek

Show Notes

Something powerful. Energetic. A seismic shift in consciousness. While the world unraveled around us, we walked and trained like an army. Studying the 21 most powerful acts of Black resistance. And in that discipline, something was fortified inside each and every one of us. In the words the great Chadwick Boseman, who transitioned to be with the ancestors this weekend: “When God has something for you, it doesn’t matter who stands against it. God will move someone that’s holding you back away from the door and put someone there who will open it for you, if it’s meant for you. I don’t know what your future is, but if you are willing to take the harder way, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first than successes, the one that has ultimately proven to have more meaning, more victory, more glory then you will not regret it. Now, this is your time. The light of new realizations shines on you today.”

Today, as our final story and act of resistance, we will walk together and talk about the story and future of GirlTrek. We will welcome our newest vanguard of 100,000+ Black women who just completed training and tell them what’s next. We will celebrate our sisters and brothers who are in the struggle now and talk about how our movement can support their work directly. We will walk together in silence, as a moment of silence for all of our fallen heroes including our brother Chadwick. And on this powerful walk together, we will visualize the potential in our own lives and assess what is required of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits as we make manifest a real Wakanda.

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