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Resistance | Day 4 | Roots – The Blackest Movie of All Time

Show Notes


Today’s 30-minute walk is dedicated to the exact moment that millions of Black people held their breath, waiting… “Your name is Toby! Now, what’s your name boy?” Beaten, drenched, but unbroken, he threw his head back and inhaled. We inhaled with him. “KUNTA. KUNTA KENTE”

Roots changed everything.

A generation of Black babies protested in their mama’s bellies refusing to be called a slave name. If your name starts with a K or ends in -isha, -anya or -yonce, you’re welcome. Cicely Tyson became the patron saint of the natural hair movement with her epic braid pattern. Maya Angelou became everybody’s griot grandmother. Lavar Burton went straight to teaching a nation to read. John Amos became my baby’s daddy (and Florida Evan’s baby daddy on Good Times). Black was in. Swoon.

SO MANY juicy behind-the-scenes FACTS about this cultural phenomenon! Did you know ABC tried to bury this movie!?

Roots became the most successful film franchise in television history. The mini-series was watched by 130 million viewers – more than half of the U.S population of 221 million in 1977. “It was the largest viewership ever attracted by any type of television series in US history as tallied by Nielsen Media Research.

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