Resistance | Day 7 | Nat Turner’s Rebellion

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Show Notes

Today’s walk is dedicated to Nat Turner, the leader of the most famous slave uprising in the history of the United States.

Nat Turner believed in signs and heard divine voices. On a summer night in August 1831, following a solar eclipse, Nat Turner, a Black man who had been sold three times in his young life, decided to take his destiny into his own hands by leading one of the bloodiest insurrections the country has ever seen.

Some called him a villain, many others called him a hero. Today, we call him an ancestor and we honor his fight for freedom and seek true understanding from his story. We ask ourselves the hard question – how far would we go in the fight for our own liberation?

Today’s conversation is for every person who has ever had a vision that you just could not shake. For every person who has ever stepped out on faith, despite fear crawling up your back. For those of us who believe that our steps are ordered and who are prepared to march into battle if called.

Everything that you think you know about this story will be challenged. There is so much to discuss and learn!

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