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Special Edition | A Tribute for Harriet Tubman’s 200th Birthday

Show Notes

Year-after-year, we have called the name of Harriet and asked her to guide our steps and this movement. We have prayed to the same God. We have taught the lessons of her liberation. We have remained faithful to our vision.

Now in 2022, on March 10th, Tubman Day, we honor Harriet with a global walk and celebration. Walk 2.22 miles for Harriet as we take you on a  journey from the Ashanti Kingdom, the home of Harriet’s Great grandmother, to Auburn NY, where she walked to her freedom. 

It’s an experience rooted in the history, culture, revolution and evolution of Black women’s liberation.  Featuring special guest from Harriet's family:

Pauline Copes Johnson, Harriet Tubman’s 3x Great Grandniece
Michele Jones Gavin, Harriet Tubman’s 3x Great Grandniece


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