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Special Edition: How to Start a GirlTrek Crew

Show Notes

We’re in a mission to serve the “1000 Blackest neighborhoods in America.” And this mission is led by you! 

See it and claim it with us. 1000 Black neighbors rising! 

Here’s the plan: 

We are asking the brave, the hopeful and the committed to walk out on faith and text a sister to walk with you. Start a crew. Listen to this podcast and read our field guide at It’s everything you need to know to become a crew leader.

Can you see it? Crews in every Black neighborhood in America – strike that, around the world!  We can see it!

A crew? You plus on or two is a crew!  A crew walks together at least once a week to encourage each other to stay committed to the daily journey of living our healthiest, most fulfilled lives.

At least 1,000 of you will succeed in walking with your crews at least 10 Saturdays this year. See it with us.

Hit play and learn how you can get your crew rolling today. 

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