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Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 2: JOY

Show Notes


Joy is like a tickle on the inside. It's not on the outside. Joy doesn't have to be social, because lasting joy is the kind that comes from within. Sometimes you just have to fight for that joy, but know that it is always there. There are seasons when you mourn and when you grieve, but that season does not last forever.

As you reflect on yesterday’s word of love, remember God loves you. 


When Scripture says weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning, sometimes those nights seem like forever. But you have to hold on. Hold on to your faith and know that God loves you. It's your faith that will take you through that. When you're in the midst of grieving, the thought that you'll be laughing and joking again is hard to imagine, but it comes. It's there. That tickle is there.


Take a moment to think. How many times did you feel thankful yesterday? Try to count. Three times? 30 times? 300 times? 


Is it possible to worship without ceasing–-with every breath? Unspeakable joy? 


What fills you up?


We are satisfied when we are full. We are full when we are steadfast in the stories we tell ourselves. Do you feast on stories of problems or possibilities? Pain or praise? Brokenness or blessings? Grief or gladness? 


Joy is a net asset. It is the conversion of test to testimony. 


Lord God, my heavenly Father, we praise your Holy name. We thank you so much for the gift of laughter. You knew we would need it. Thank you, Lord God, for your 100 scriptures about joy because you knew we would need it. Thank you, Lord God, for just offering your gift of joy, and today, this day, we're going to take it. 


We're going to take that joy. Lord, we know weeping may endure for the night, but your joy comes in the morning. So right now, Lord God, as we speak your Word, we pray for any woman who is in a night stage, who's in a season of depression or grief, Lord God, or mourning, Lord God, we pray that your presence shows up in a mighty way to let her know that joy comes in the morning, Lord God, for her to cry out, for her to take off that mask and say, “Lord God, I need your help. Jesus, help me, Lord God.” 



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