Resistance | Day 10 | The Most Dangerous Negro in America

A. Philip Randolph was arrested in the streets for treason. He was a young man demanding rights for Black workers – or else. W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington agreed on one thing. They could not stand the “new radical negroes” like A. Philip Randolph! He was a socialist. A rabble-rouser. A labor man. […]

Resistance | Day 9 | Mary Church Terrell

An educator, writer, political campaigner, and activist. Today’s walk is dedicated to the bravery of Mary Church Terrell, a woman who played a central role in every major movement to advance the rights of Black people in this country, including suffrage, anti-lynching, and desegregation. Coining the term, “lifting while we climb”, Mary Church Terrell was […]

Resistance | Day 8 | Fastest Growing Religion in America

Can we talk about radical praise? Can we talk about transcendent faith? A Spirit that stretched from Africa to a tiny street in Los Angelos, California. Do. Not. Miss. Today! Take a praise break! I’m about to shout right now. God, I thank you for your grace. Today’s walk is dedicated to the unsung heroes […]

Resistance | Day 7 | Nat Turner’s Rebellion

Today’s walk is dedicated to Nat Turner, the leader of the most famous slave uprising in the history of the United States. Nat Turner believed in signs and heard divine voices. On a summer night in August 1831, following a solar eclipse, Nat Turner, a Black man who had been sold three times in his […]

Resistance | Day 6 | Fannie vs. The President

“Mr. Chairman… my name is Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, and I live at 626 East Lafayette Street, Ruleville, Mississippi, Sunflower County, the home of Senator James O. Eastland, and Senator Stennis. It was the 31st of August in 1962…” And that’s how it began. The most harrowing account of our hero being beaten in a […]

Resistance | Day 5 | Claudette Colvin – The Real Rosa Parks

Today’s walk is dedicated to Claudette Colvin and every Black woman who has ever felt invisible or who has ever been asked to labor on behalf of a movement that did not welcome or celebrate you. Thank you for your service and the way you show up for your people. Today you are seen and […]

Resistance | Day 4 | Roots – The Blackest Movie of All Time

ROOTS CHANGED EVERYTHING, PERIOD. Today’s 30-minute walk is dedicated to the exact moment that millions of Black people held their breath, waiting… “Your name is Toby! Now, what’s your name boy?” Beaten, drenched, but unbroken, he threw his head back and inhaled. We inhaled with him. “KUNTA. KUNTA KENTE” Roots changed everything. A generation of […]

Resistance | Day 3 | Bree Newsome Snatches the Confederacy’s Wig

Today’s 30-minute walk is dedicated to a living legend, the fearless Bree Newsome Bass. On June 27, 2015, Bree Newsome committed one of the greatest acts of civil disobedience seen in our lifetime when she scaled the 30-foot flag pole on the grounds of the South Carolina State House and removed the confederate flag. Carried […]

Resistance | Day 2 | James Baldwin Claps Back

It happened on a Thursday. February 18, 1965. The exact moment we fell in love with James Baldwin. It wasn’t because he was a boy genius who spent every day at the library. It wasn’t event his fiery church sermons as a teen or loving debates with Malcolm X as a young man. It was […]

Resistance | Day 1 | Harriet Tubman + The Raid on Combahee Ferry

On the night of June 1, 1863, Harriet Tubman arrived on a ship in South Carolina with 150 men ready for battle. She was the first woman to led an armed military operation in the United States, and what happened in South Carolina that night would solidify Harriet Tubman as one of the greatest military […]