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Special Edition: Sisterhood Saturday, May 18, 2024

On our walk on Saturday, women from across the country who are in committed and supportive relationships shared their advice on love, in the wake of the trauma that many of us are experiencing because we watched Diddy’s violent attack on Cassie. Take a walk and listen.

Special Edition: Mother’s Day Walk & Talk

Chelsea Johnson, the CEO of Commonsense Childbirth, is walking and talking with Morgan and Vanessa and women from around the world on a special Mother’s Day edition of Sisterhood Saturday. Chelsea is the Founder of Commonsense Childbirth and she and her community are rallying with GirlTREK this Mother’s Day weekend as we honor Black mothers […]

A Special Healing Conversation with Iyanla Vanzant

The great spiritual leader, Iyanla Vanzant joins the co-founders of GirlTREK in a powerful conversation about generational healing and walking forward in faith. A must listen for anyone looking for inspiration during uncertain times.

Special Edition | Victory Lap | Season 2023

Together we will reflect on our journey together, reinforce and uplift what is important to us, and honor the work of the people who power this movement. Let this be a personal moment of pause and praise for all that you have have personally mastered, learned, and walked through this year.

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 9: SELF-CONTROL

REFLECTION: Think about control. We control the smells in our homes with incense and plugins. We control bacteria with Lysol. We try to control viruses with vitamin C. We control our babies. We'll burp, we'll reprimand with pinches. When you're at church you get pinched or you get the side-eye from the choir stand. We […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 8: FAITHFULNESS

You have to know that the calling placed on your life will mean you will have to navigate many rocky terrains, many dark places, facing many attacks, because we wrestle not against flesh and blood. The enemy only targets those who are doing good works. When you face these trials and tribulations, you will feel […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 7: GOODNESS

REFLECTION: You know the saying. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. But what does it mean for us to be good? Is it simply obeying the rules or being nice, or is there something else? We think it means actively choosing the kindest, most loving response in any […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 5: KINDNESS

REFLECTION: Kindness begins with having self-compassion. Because you can't extend what you don't give to yourself. Being compassionate to yourself and understanding, I'm not perfect and I have to be able to forgive myself for things so that I can then extend that to other people. This is important, especially as women and Black women, […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 4: LONG-SUFFERING

REFLECTION: Today's topic is about long-suffering and when we tell you that Black women know long-suffering, we ain’t lied. We have turned a kind of slow burn of pain into muscle, into magic. Every Black woman we know has made long-suffering and patience an art. The ability to practice patience in the face of hate […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 3: PEACE

REFLECTION: Peace is about wholeness. It is about completeness. It is a state of being. Sometimes we think it's affected by what's external and what's happening all around us. The Hebrew word for peace is Shalom. Sometimes it can be a state of affairs, sometimes it means being concerned about the well-being of your fellow […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 2: JOY

REFLECTION: Joy is like a tickle on the inside. It's not on the outside. Joy doesn't have to be social, because lasting joy is the kind that comes from within. Sometimes you just have to fight for that joy, but know that it is always there. There are seasons when you mourn and when you […]

Special Edition | Prayer Trek | Day 1: LOVE

REFLECTION: When we think of love, and especially love as it relates to the Fruit of the Spirit in the Bible, we always think that we ourselves are taught how to love others. We're taught how to be nice to other people. We are taught how to be compassionate, to be compassionate friends, to be […]

Special Edition | #DaughtersOf | Walk and Talk with Michelle Coltrane

Join Morgan and Vanessa in a first-ever #daugthersof Walk and Talk. Morgan and Vanessa talked with Michelle Coltrane about the wisdom and self-care secrets her iconic mother Alice passed down to her and what her mother's spiritual journey taught her about being her authentic self.

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Salute a Sister

“Everybody say Blessed.” We did it y’all! We walked for 21 days, journeying through 21 Pleasure Principles. We pray that over the past 21 episodes, you have learned the liberation stories of our people and that you have been transformed in ways that make you feel more alive. Now it’s time to Claim the Victory. What […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 20 | Zilpha Elaw

Pleasure Muse: Zilpha Elaw    Tantalizing Trivia  One of 22 children, she was born in 1790 in Pennsylvania to free Black parents.  Her mother passed away when Zilpha was just 12 years old. Her father passed away two years later. She was sent to live in the home of a Quaker family.  Soon after she would […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 19 | Gloria Richardson

Pleasure Muse: Gloria Richardson Tantalizing Trivia   She was a Civil Rights activist who led The Cambridge Movement in the 1960s. Honored for her leadership, she sat on stage at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. She grew up in Baltimore but was from a prominent family – of landowners, lawyers, and politicians […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 18 | Rosa Parks

Pleasure Muse: Rosa Parks    Tantalizing Trivia  Her future husband took her on a first date to a rally for the “Scottsboro Boys”, nine Black men who were wrongly accused of rape. From that rally she became compelled to activism.  She was educated on civil disobedience during her days at the famed Highlander School in Tennessee […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 17 | Myrlie Evers-Williams

Pleasure Muse: Myrlie Evers-Williams Tantalizing Trivia  Raised by her grandmother, and an aunt, two respected school teachers in Vicksburg, MS.  They encouraged education so in 1950 she attended Alcorn A&M where she pledged Delta Sigma Theta sorority and on her first day of school met and fell in love with Medgar Evers – they got married a year […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 16 | Wilma Rudolph

Pleasure Muse: WIlma Rudoplh    Tantalizing Trivia    She was the 20th of 22 children and weighed 4.5 pounds at birth. Her early health challenges included pneumonia, scarlet fever and polio.  As an Olympic champion, and the first American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympics,, she was among the most highly visible black […]


Pleasure Muse: Oshun    Tantalizing Trivia   Oshun is a goddess deity, or orisha, of the Yoruba religion of West Africa. There are equivalent goddess figures in multiple cultures including as Oxum in Brazil and Ochun in Cuba. Tradition holds that Oshun comes from Osogbo, Nigeria. That city is considered sacred, and it is believed to be […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 14 | Bessie Springfield

Pleasure Muse: Bessie Springfield   Tantalizing Trivia   First Black woman to ride across the United States solo.  At 16, taught herself to ride her first motorcycle, a 1928 Indian Scout.  At 19, started her adventure across the American South at the height of the Jim Crow Era – on a Harley-Davidson.  One of the few civilian […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 13 | Emma Dupree

Pleasure Muse: Emma Dupree    Tantalizing Trivia:  She was an herbalist and traditional healer who grew up on the Tar River in North Carolina. Her pioneering work serves as the basis for much of today’s herbal medicine movement.  She was known for her “garden grown pharmacy” and grew everything from  sassafras, white mint, double tansy, rabbit […]


Pleasure Muse: Lil Kim    Tantalizing Trivia: She is the original “Queen Bee”, also known as the Queen of Rap and The First Lady of Rap.  At 14, because of a tumultuous relationship with her father, she left home and started living on the streets; later she would drop out of high school for a short […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 11 | Naomi Sims

Pleasure Muse: Naomi Sims   Tantalizing Trivia: Naomi Sims is the first Black supermodel in history – certainly, the first Black cover girl to land the featured cover photo in major magazines like Life and Cosmo in the 1960s and 1970s With a dark complexion, a thin body, and standing 5’ 10 she says she was […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 10 | Sharon Schaffer

Pleasure Muse: Sharon Schaffer    Tantalizing Trivia  She is the first Black woman to become a professional surfer and some of her work was featured in the opening of the Smithsonian African-American History Museum.  She was a pioneer as a stunt double in Hollywood. As an actress she toured the country playing Harriet Tubman.  She is […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 9 | Mary McLeod Bethune

Pleasure Muse: Mary McLeod Bethune   Tantalizing Trivia   Mary McLeod Bethune was not satisfied until Black girls were educated and free.  Born in South Carolina to parents of enslaved Africans, she was the 15th of 17 children. She worked the cotton fields with her mother and each afternoon, walked 5 miles to school to learn to […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 8 | Toni Cade Bambara

Pleasure Muse: Toni Cade Bambara  Tantalizing Trivia:  Born Miltona Mirkin Cade, this author, activist, and professor, changed her name at the age of 6, to Toni. She then added Bambara to honor the West African ethnic group, Bambara.  Her anthology, “Black Woman”, was the first feminist collection to focus on Black women. It included works […]

21 PLEASURE PRINCIPLES | Day 7 | Queen Afua

Pleasure Muse: Queen Afua   Tantalizing Trivia   Born Helen Odel Robinson changed her name to Queen Afua She was raised in Harlem at the height of the Black Nationalist Movement and was a community organizer.  As a child, she suffered from asthma, allergies, eczema and debilitating cramps and at 15 years old, started a lifelong investigation, […]

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