Foremothers | Day 5 | Toni Morrison + Breonna Taylor

Happy Birthday Breonna Taylor. On what would have been your 27th birthday, we #sayourname and we refuse to let the world exclude you from the conversation. Welcome to day 5 of GirlTrek’s Black History Bootcamp. As we celebrate the life of Breonna, we look to the words of literary giant Toni Morrison for comfort and direction. […]

Foremothers | Day 4 | Georgia Gilmore

Do the DAY 4 Body Roll!!! She was rowdy, fun, and made the best pork chops in town. Oh – and she single-handedly funded the Montgomery Bus Boycotts! Let’s get into it. Today’s walk is dedicated to the great Georgia Gilmore, a midwife, and mother of six. After hearing of Rosa Parks’ arrest, she started […]

Foremothers | Day 2 | Ella Baker

It’s Day Two. You made it! Thank God. 10,000 new women joined our bootcamp overnight. Thank you for spreading the word. It’s working! Listen ya’ll: We need this resistance training now! Last night, the military was deployed on peaceful protestors. So today, we are bringing out the GOAT… ELLA JO BAKER, the greatest organizer in […]

Foremothers | Day 1 | Audre Lorde

Today’s 30-minute walk is dedicated to the brave and brilliant Audre Lorde.  She argued that our very survival is political – that we were never meant to survive.  As you walk, meditate on her idea of “radical self-care.”  What would it look like if you were radical about caring for yourself? How would it even […]